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Our auditors will take a look and see what you can do to improve your online marketing activities. If you haven’t given us your business URL then please text 0131 210101 (same as before, just continue previous text conversation) with only the URL.

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Special Unannounced Bonuses!!

We work in partnership with one of the most experienced business coaches in the country and we would like to offer YOU the opportunity to get access to him.

John Patterson has been growing and managing companies for the past 30 years in the computer marketplace, two of them household names.

He has been training and coaching people in all sorts of disciplines for most of that time.

John has worked with some of the biggest “names” in the I.T. arena, has consulted to major organisations and has also worked with and coached more S.M.E. companies than he can honestly remember.

He has operated online since 1999 and is an Industry Accredited Internet Marketing/Social Media Coaching Professional.

A large part of his time is spent working with individuals and organisations, coaching and advising on the   A-Z of business and how to succeed online.

Learn more about John Patterson – Download his “Ingredients for Success” ebook or listen to his “Business Success” podcasts by visiting his Podcast Channel on Itunes below:


We are offering, for a very limited time, a totally FREE Consultancy Session, of 30 minutes duration, with John Patterson.


This will be YOUR session for you to discuss whatever you want and ask whatever questions you want answered.


John will explain in detail the way he works and how that is going to help you achieve your business success.


John does not have standard pricing as such. He will discuss this with you in detail if you wish to pursue a working relationship. as some clients have stayed with him for 12 months or more and he would naturally offer them a more attractive pricing proposition than someone who just wanted one or two sessions.


And do remember, the first session is FREE, without any precondition. To get a free business advice session with someone as experienced as John Patterson is priceless, in this case literally!!